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Riwayat is a Bollywood - movie directed by Vijay Pattakar. Starring Samapika Debnath,Khalid Siddiqui,Salil Ankola,Achint Kaur.

Riwayat Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Vijay Pattakar.
BANNER: Horizon Films Pvt Ltd

Samapika Debnath

Khalid Siddiqui

Salil Ankola

Achint Kaur

Riwayat Synopsis

Anita is a dynamic young lady who works for an NGO towards the welfare of children. She gets married to Raj, the handsome younger son of the wealthy industrialist Mr.Desai.

Soon after marriage an official assignment takes her to the rural primary health centre in village.Anita is disturbed by the hardships faced by pregnant Radha in raising her two daughters while coping with the domestic violence by her drunken husband Gangaram.

Anita soon discovers that she is pregnant and faces of her father in law for not agreeing to abort her baby girl. Things take a turn for worse when Radha goes into labour following domestic violence and deliverse a stillborn baby girl at home. But the reality is something else. Thus starts Anita`s fight to get justice for Radha. Young Kabir, the wise NGO driver and a man of few words, supports Anita in her battle by becoming her friend Philosopher, and guide.

Will Anita be able to get justice for Radha? Will she lose Raj in her fight against the tyranny of traditions? Will truth prevail?

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