Friday, October 19, 2018

Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum is a Bollywood - movie directed by Sanjivan Lal. Starring Sohail Lakhani,Apurva Arora,Sachin Khedekar,Tanvi Azmi .

Bubble Gum Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Sanjivan Lal.
BANNER: Koncept Infotenment
PRODUCER:Sushma Kaul.
LYRICIST:Prashant Pandey.
STORY WRITER:Sanjivan Lal.

Sohail Lakhani

Apurva Arora

Tanvi Azmi

Bubble Gum Synopsis

BUBBLE GUM: The properties

It’s HARD to feel

The moment you put it in mouth – it MELTS




It’s FULAOBALE [When you blow AIR its SWELLS]

Beyond a point when it BREAKS…it makes the situation very messy!

It’s very popular with Kids & Teenagers

BUBBLE GUM is being used as a metaphor in the story…Just the way peopel say bachhey mitti ki tarah hotey hain…jismey dhaalo dhal jaatey hain…jaisa chaho bann jatey hain…so here instead of mitti we are saying kids are like Bubble gum! You mold them well…they can turn out to be gentlemen…or else they can go haywire!

BUBBLE GUM is a coming of an age story of family and for families….set in Industrial town of 1980 Jamshedpur – an era when there was no TV, Internet, mobile and face book! It is a fun, frothy and warm coming of an age story of a fourteen year old Vedant. He has just stepped out of childhood and has not yet stepped into adulthood. It is while going through turbulent phase of life in his academically critical year of Standard 9 first love or rather infatuation happens to him and sends his relationship with his family and his world upside down finally leading him to discover the meaning of love, life and relationship in a positive way!

It’s a story that is highly relatable and identifiable as we all have been 14 & 15! We all have gone through that phase of life! Its a film which promises to take each of us down the memory lane…a film that promises to make everyone nostalgic about their childhood!

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