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Had 'Dohchay' in mind even before 'Swamy Ra Ra': Sudheer Varma

Chennai, April 22

Director Sudheer Varma, who is awaiting the release of Telugu con-comedy "Dohchay" on Friday, says he had the project in mind even before he made his first film "Swamy Ra Ra".

The film stars Naga Chaitanya and Kriti Sanon in the lead roles.

"'Dohchay' was a script I had in mind even before 'Swamy Ra Ra'. I wanted it to be my first film but I didn't want to make an unsuccessful debut and tried to make a safe film on a low budget, because it was important for me that my producer doesn't lose money on my film," Sudheer told IANS.

"When I made 'Swamy Ra Ra', I was of the mindset that irrespective of this film's result, my producer shouldn't lose money. When it turned out to be successful, I approached Naga Chaitanya with 'Dohchay', and he really liked it," he said.

While "Dohchay" and "Swamy Ra Ra" belong to the same genre, Sudheer assures the films will be different.

"I feel the con genre is my strength and I don't see the need to try making a film in other genre I'm uncomfortable with. It's better to concentrate on what you're good at instead of trying something else," said Sudheer, who doesn't mind being typecast.

"The success of my second film is as important as my first because it will prove that the success of 'Swamy Ra Ra' was not a fluke. I'm playing it safe. I strongly believe that no matter which genre you're making a film in, it's important you give audiences a good film," he added.

Sudheer's first film was made on a low budget, and while he has taken a big leap with 'Dohchay' from all perspectives, there was absolutely no pressure.

"I had complete freedom to make the film. I've known the producer for a long time, so there was absolutely no pressure from the production side. After Chaitanya heard the story, he left everything to me. He liked 'Swamy Ra Ra', and the way I made the film, so he trusted me completely," he said.

Although Sudheer had all the resources, he didn't spend it lavishly.

"We spent only where it was absolutely necessary. For instance, I didn't want to compromise on the action sequences, so we spent little extra here. We hired Peter Hein for a car chase sequence for which we need a driver who could do drifts, so we hired one from Paris," he said.

"I didn't want to waste the resources just because I was making a film with a star hero," said Sudheer, who added that one of the highlights of the movie will be the action.

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