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'Finding Fanny' has a brilliant script: Dimple Kapadia
Mumbai, Aug 31

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Dimple Kapadia" Veteran actor Dimple Kapadia, who will be soon seen on the big screen when the English-language film "Finding Fanny" hits the screens Sep 12, says she found the script of the film "brilliant" and her role "lovely".

There are not too many filmmakers in Hindi filmdom who attempt to make a film in English, but Dimple says, "It didn't matter to me whether it's an English film as long as I was working with Homi Adajania."

"The script was brilliant and the role was lovely, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing. So, it didn't really matter to me. And where it's going to reach is not my concern. My concern is with what I'm doing, and I'm happy doing that," Dimple, who had worked in the director's dark drama "Being Cyrus", told IANS in an interview.

And she's happier that the family is loving the promos of "Finding Fanny".

Dimple may be seen as an accomplished and strong actress, but the "Kaash" and "Rudaali" star, who displayed her versatility in films like "Zakhmi Sher", "Arjun", "Aitbaar" and "Drishti", is not yet creatively satisfied.

"I'm not satisfied in the sense I am not looking for any roles, but I do make peace with myself saying that 'I am not the best in the world'. But I have tried to give my best and I want to get better."

"That struggle will remain till the time I really feel that I have achieved it in my head. I keep falling short," the 57-year-old said.

But she is happy to get good scripts at this age.

"At the moment I am very happy and the kind of scripts I am getting and the feedback I am getting is making me feel happier and makes me feel that whatever I am doing is right. It just helps me to choose my roles better," she added.

"Over the years, a lot of things change. You start off when you are young and you are fearless. And then a lot of things keep happening and a little bit of fear sets in and you are not as brazen as you have been. Overall, (it's) okay," added the actress whose life has seen many ups and downs.

She became an overnight star with "Bobby", but turned her back on stardom to marry Rajesh Khanna, Bollywood's first superstar. But the acting bug kept bugging her and after a decade of absence, she returned with "Saagar". Meanwhile, her marriage hit rock bottom and she started living separately with her two daughters - Twinkle and Rinkie.

But as Dimple said with time things change, her relationship with her estranged husband took a turn for the better. In fact, she stayed by Rajesh Khanna's side when his health started deteriorating and was with him till he breathed his last in July 2012.

When asked if she would like to share some memories of her late husband, she took a long pause and then said with tears in her eyes: "No. Once I start, then there is so much to talk. I don't want to speak about him."

She utilises her free time travelling and hunting for antiques.

"I travel a lot, I go hunting for antiques. For me, antiques are a passion. I love to scout for them... I am a gypsy, basically."

On the professional front, unlike her contemporaries, Dimple chooses to do unusual films.

"It's a mental frame of mind. I was never a 'Mills and Boon' kind of a person. I was never a chiffon and satin person. I am always a cotton person. It's just the way I am."

"I get attracted to different things. I have a different take on everything. I like to do different things. I don't like the regular stuff."

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