Thursday, April 2, 2020
I have become a family man: Sanjay Dutt

His turbulent past is only too well known, but Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt says he has changed ever since he tied the knot with Manyata two years ago and has become a family man.

"After marriage I have become a family man. I like to be more at home now and spend quality time, watch movies with my wife. I have become more responsible," Sanjay told IANS in an interview.

The 51-year-old actor has been married thrice. Sanjay's first marriage was to actress Richa Sharma in 1987, but she died from brain tumour in New York in 1996. The couple have a daughter named Trishala, who lives in the US.

Then he married model Rhea Pillai, but the two got divorced in 2005. In 2008, Sanjay tied the knot with Manyata.

"Ups and downs don't change a person, age changes a person. With age I have become more responsible. I thank my fans for standing by me during tough times," he said about his chequered life.

Sanjay's personal life was troubled by drug problems and his life took a turn for the worse when he was arrested for illegal possession of weapons and was convicted.

The actor feels things started looking up ever since Manyata has come into his life and right now he is looking forward to welcoming twins.

Asked how he is preparing himself, Sanjay said: "I am not preparing anything. I am just waiting for them to come and I can see them in front of me. I am excited."

"I play a character who is aggressive but at the same time is endearing and funny. He believes in this weird motto that it's good to be bad because he feels that good guys finish last."

There were reports that he had a rift with producer Mahesh Bhatt over a kissing scene in "Crook".

"I just wanted to trim the duration of the kissing scene a little bit, but Bhatt saab wanted to retain the original length. There was no verbal dispute and no rift at all. It was just a discussion. If a role demands something, I'm all for it," he clarified.

In real life, Emraan is trying to be a doting father - he became a dad early this year and says he loves the experience of fatherhood but is very bad at carrying out the duties of a parent.

"I'm very bad at daddy duties. I try and change diapers but I fail, can't do that. It's quite a task to take care of a baby, so I leave it to my wife. Playing is easy, I do that," said a visibly amused Emraan who tied the knot with Parveen Shahani in 2006.

Emraan and Parveen have named their son Ayaan and the actor tries to get back home to spend some quality time with his little boy.

"I try to be on time to meet my son before he sleeps so that he doesn't start calling me uncle one fine day. I don't want that after six months or so he doesn't recognise me. When I go out for promotional tours, he doesn't recognise me when I come back," he said.

"I just keep shuffling time between my work and my family and my kid. It gets tough but you have to be around. I have become disciplined but I have not really changed as a person. I have not become matured - what usually happens with a lot of people," he said.

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