Sunday, February 5, 2023
I will prove myself as an actor now: Himesh Reshammiya

He has shed his famous cap, got rid of the nasal twang in his voice and now wants to prove to the world with his film "Radio" that he's a good actor. Himesh Reshammiya, who has sung and composed numerous hit songs, says acting is his only passion at the moment.

"Right now my passion is acting because I want to prove myself. Even after doing two films, one of which was such a big hit ('Aap Kaa Surroor'), a lot of people still say 'why is he getting into acting when he has such a successful career in music?'," Himesh told IANS in an interview.

"People had same perception when I turned singer from composer. So I have to prove it yet again that I can do it and do it well...even though I have an unconventional face," he said.

Himesh's "Karzzz" sank without a trace at the box office and he says everyone except his parents criticised him for facing the camera.

"A lot of people in my own family feel that I shouldn't have got into acting. Not my parents, but my uncles and aunts feel this way. But I know I have it in me and I will prove it," Himesh said.

The composer-singer-actor was in the capital at the Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM studios to promote his forthcoming film "Radio".

Releasing Dec 3, "Radio" is Himesh's third acting venture where he has teamed up with Sonal Sehgal and Shehnaz Treasurywala.

Throwing light on his role, the 36-year-old said: "My character is that of Vivan Shah, a radio jockey who solves people's love problems, but his own personal life has many problems.

"His wife leaves him because of compatibility issues. So he has many complexes and is a confused man. In this film, relationships and sensibilities of today have really been highlighted."

Himesh has become very careful about roles after "Karzzz", a remake of Rishi Kapoor-starrer 1980 hit "Karz", failed to set the cash registers ringing. He now tries to stick to believable characters.

"With 'Karzzz' I learnt my lesson. I got to know what you shouldn't do. I learnt that you shouldn't do roles done by an actor like Rishi Kapoor. Also, working on a remake is not a great idea.

"In the movies I'm doing now, I have believable and relatable characters to play," said Himesh, who believes he will be able to win his fans back with "Radio".

"I know I made a mistake, but I'm trying to improve at every stage. I hope that people like the film because it's about a common 34-year-old man. It's a character you can identify with.

"Also I have sung in two different voices in the film. One in a meduim octave and one in my trademark high-pitched voice. I hope people like that too," said Himesh, who completes his 500th song with the film's track "Man ka radio".

After "Radio", Himesh will be seen in "Kajra Re", "Ishq Unplugged" and John Mathew Mathan's yet untitled film.