Friday, December 2, 2022
I don't mind being touted as biggest 'kamina': Amol Gupte

Scriptwriter-director Amol Gupte, who plays a villain in Vishal Bharadwaj's forthcoming thriller "Kaminey", says he has no problems being touted as the biggest 'kamina' (rogue). On a more serious note, he says he discovered his mean side from failures in life just like his character in the movie.

"Essentially 'Kaminey' is a kind of metaphor for meanness and it has its shades for the characters in the film. Even in the contest 'Sabse Bada Kamina Kaun' to promote the film, I am being touted as the biggest 'kamina' (rogue) and I don't mind that," Gupte told IANS in a telephonic interview from Mumbai.

"I take it completely in my stride as I've tried to discover my mean side from massive amount of failures just like Bhopey, my character in the movie. The essence of the meanness quotient is what you'll find in my character. His emotions are on a gallop and he is a dangerous man. He has got multiple shades," he said.





Gupte came to the limelight for penning the critically acclaimed 2008 movie "Taare Zameen Par". Initially, Gupte was directing the film, but Aamir Khan later took over the reins and debuted as a director with the movie about a dyslexic child.

Asked if he had to undergo any research for his screen comeback, he said: "Thirty years of cinema study has got me a good experience and that is exactly the form of R&D that has gone from my side into the film."

Also starring Shahid Kapoor in a double role along with Priyanka Chopra, "Kaminey" releases Aug 14. In the crime thriller, Gupte will be seen as Priyanka's elder brother who is a small-time gangster and later turns into a rogue politician.

Being a director himself, Gupte revealed he had no problems following Bharadwaj's instructions.

"You have to see what position you are taking while you are on the sets of a movie. If I'm on the sets as a director, I'd like my actors to be fully committed to the project... I gave the same position to Vishal. I exploited myself as an actor and he did so in direction," said Gupte.

The writer-director was also all praise for Shahid and Priyanka.

"They are extremely dedicated and have no ego issues with anyone. I never saw them disappearing to their vanity vans after a shot, unlike other actors... that shows their commitment," he said.

" 'Kaminey' is a caper which is galloping on the first gear at a 100-km- per-hour speed. Come and have fun, it's full of energy," he added.

Gupte's brush with acting is not new. Not many know that he has acted in National Award-winning film "Chakar Chandu Ka Chameli Wala" (1982), Ketan Mehta's "Holi" (1984) and Dayal Nihalani's "Guru Dakshina" (1986) apart from starring in numerous student films for the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII).

"As a student of cinema I've kept facing the camera till 1993. I used to work at Rs.30 per day. I spent most of my time in FTII either watching world cinema or in the canteen or under the wisdom tree, where I sat for 12 years," he said.

Gupte also hosted a talk show for Sony called "Bindaas Bol" in the 1990s. He is a man of many talents -- apart from acting and writing, he is also a painter and musician.

Asked if he would continue with acting, he joked: "I'm not here to promote myself as an actor but ya...if (Quentin) Tarantino comes down..."

Gupte is now set to wield the megaphone for "Sapno Ko Ginte Ginte" - a children's film written by him.