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Maro Charithra

Maro Charithra is a Telugu - movie directed by Ravi Yadav. Starring Varun Sandesh,Anita,Naresh,Prathap Pothan,Urvashi,Shraddha Das,Thalaivasal Vijay.

Maro Charithra Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Ravi Yadav.

Maro Charithra Review

Ravi Yadav`s `Maro Charithra` a let down (IANS Movie Review)  

Rating: * 1/2

Remaking a classic in the same language can be risky for the producer. Think of well-known Telugu producer like Dil Raju deciding to remake a classic like "Maro Charithra" -- immortalised by director K. Balachandar, legendary actor Kamal Haasan and talented Saritha and not to forget music maestro like M.S. Vishwanathan -- and it could be like touching a live wire.

Mainly because the fans, who have seen the original in theatres or DVD, will be compelled to compare the new version with the original that released in the late 1970s.

Very few remakes have scored over originals. In such a scenario, it would be even more surprising to see some experienced producer thinking of remaking a Kamal Haasan classic like "Maro Charithra", a Black and White film that ran for about six months in many centres in three southern states - Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Dil Raju has tried to westernize the original content by setting the story in the US. But despite glitz and strong visuals, the new version of "Maro Charithra" fails to touch your heart and leaves you totally disappointed.

For the people who had shed tears after watching this film and its Hindi remake version "Ek Duuje Ke Liye" (again directed by K. Balachandar and acted by Kamal Haasan), the best advice is to avoid the film and buy the DVD of either the Telugu original or its Hindi remake.

Dil Raju has tried to present the film in a new set up with lot of technical inputs, but the film clearly lacks the soul. And the music composition by trendy Micky J. Meyers is really disappointing.

Like the original, the story revolves around two youngsters Balu and Swapna who live in the US with their parents and are neighbours. Their parents always quarrel but Balu and Swapna like each other. After being together for some time, they decide to go different ways as their parents are against their alliance.

But the two realise, they cannot live without each other. What happens later is the remaining part of the story.

Varun Sandesh is a complete let down. Anita looks beautiful, but she is no match in talents when compared to Saritha. Less said about other artists is better.

The new version of "Maro Charithra" is a disappointing affair.

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