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Suryakanthi is a Kannada - movie directed by K.M. Chaithanya. Starring Chetan,Regina,Nasser,Ganesh Yadav,Ramakrishna ,Kishori Ballal,Regina Cassandra.

Suryakanthi Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: K.M. Chaithanya.
BANNER: Avigna Media




Ganesh Yadav


Kishori Ballal

Suryakanthi Review

`Suryakanthi` - great visuals but old story (IANS Film Review)  


K.M. Chaithanya`s second film "Suryakanthi" had aroused a lot of expectations before its release because his debut venture "Aa Dinagalu" had hit the jackpot. "Suryakanthi", however, is a total commercial entertainer unlike his first movie.

During the pre-release publicity meets, Chaithanya had even urged people not judge his second film with the same yardstick as his first. But the audiences may nevertheless feel a wee bit let down.

"Suryakanthi" doesn`t boast of any freshness despite being written by a literary personality like Narayana Swamy. The story is old and surprisingly even the narration lacks novelty. While Chaithanya`s "Aa Dinagalu" had great dialogues, the punch is missing in "Suryakanthi".

The movie`s highpoint is the visual splendour of the outdoor shoots. The songs and action scenes shot in Uzbekisthan, Uttarakhand and Goa are a visual treat. Maestro Ilayaraja has done splendid work in the background music front. Two songs - "Edheya Baagilu Thattadhe" and "Mouni Naanu" are top class.

The story revolves around Rohith, a contract killer employed by an international don called Stalin. And Rohith is being tracked by many Stalin`s rivals who want to kill him.

Meanwhile, Surya is the CEO of a big corporate firm in Bangalore and in a mix-up at the airport, Stalin`s rivals kill him instead of their target Rohith.

Now the company officials take Rohith to their firm and introduce him as Surya. The head of the business organisation is impressed with Rohith doubling up Surya and wants his daughter Kanthi to marry him.

But Kanthi dislikes Rohith and goes to her grandfather`s place in Belgaum. Rohith follows her as per his boss` instructions. In the end, the criminals gang up against Rohith, who finishes each one of them and unites with his lover.

Chetan has to improve his acting abilities. But newcomer Regina impresses with her bubbly expressions. She has the charm and talent to take up good roles.

Nasser has, however, overacted. Ramakrishna and Kishori Ballal have been typecast in their roles.

While the outdoor locales and good, the lighting pattern in the interior sequences does not gel with the mood of the film. Ilayaraja scores a perfect ten for his music.

Its negative elements notwithstanding, Chaithanya`s "Suryakanthi" is worth a watch for Ilayaraja`s work and the superb and scenic outdoor shoots.

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