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Raju Maharaju

Raju Maharaju is a Telugu - movie directed by Bhanu Shankar. Starring Sharwanand,Mohanbabu,Ramyakrishna,Surveen Chawla.

Raju Maharaju Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Bhanu Shankar.
BANNER: Sri Kumara Swamy Productions
PRODUCER:Kumara Swamy Pathikonda.



Raju Maharaju Review

Want to shed your pent-up tears? Go for `Raju Maharaju` (IANS Film Review, Rating:**
By Aravindan DI

For those who have loads and loads of tears to shed, don`t miss watching Raju Maharaju which reminds one of the films frequently made in the `80s. The only difference is that this movie passes off as more sophisticated than those films.

The story is about a rich man Chakravarthy (Mohan Babu), his virtuous wife (Ramyakrishna) and his brother Kalyan (Sharwanand), a carefree guy. One day, Kalyan mows down and kills a guy (Nasser). The deceased incidentally happens to be the father of the girl he loved.

Chakravarthy pleads the girl to withdraw the case, for this the girl demands the transfer of all his assets in her name. The `king of sacrifice` Chakravarthy does it out of his love for his brother Kalyan.

Rest of the movie tells you how Kalyan realises his brother`s good-natured heart and how he transforms into a responsible guy.

Raju Maharaju possesses an overdose of melodrama, hackneyed dialogues, and a lot of other things that will make you rush back home to watch your aunt`s favourite sob-opera on TV. The whole revenge bit is a bit too much - for example, the way she gets someone to slap on him a sexual harassment case at his office.

Mohan Babu eases through his role with his characteristic finesse. So does Ramayakrishna, the veteran. Sharwanand gets a neat role to play though it develops some negative streaks in the first half. Tasu Kaushik looks glamorous and oozes sex appeal.

Hope director Durga Shankar Nath gets his act right the next time around!

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