Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Sulemani Keeda

Sulemani Keeda is a Bollywood Slacker Comedy movie directed by Amit V Masurkar. Starring Naveen Kasturia,Mayank Tewari,Aditi Vasudev,Karan Mirchandani,Krishna Bisht,Rukshana Tabassum.

Sulemani Keeda Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Amit V Masurkar.
GENRE:Slacker Comedy
PRODUCER:Chaitanya Hegde,Datta Dave.
STORY WRITER:Amit V Masurkar.

Naveen Kasturia

Mayank Tewari

Aditi Vasudev

Karan Mirchandani

Krishna Bisht

Rukshana Tabassum

Sulemani Keeda Synopsis

Dulal, a brooding, self conscious writer and his hustler friend, Mainak dream to write a Bollywood film. Their picaresque journey brings them in a position where they are forced to choose between friendship, love and a big break. Besides exploring the subculture of migrant writers in the city’s western suburbs, the film also talks about their hopes and ontological anxiety.

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