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Mere Khawabon Mein Jo Aaye

Mere Khawabon Mein Jo Aaye is a Bollywood - movie directed by Madhureeta Anand. Starring Raima Sen,Randeep Hooda,Arbaaz Khan,Ashwini Kalsekar,Suhasini Mulay,Anjan Srivastav,Juhi Pandey,Neil Bhoopalam,Murali Sharma.

Mere Khawabon Mein Jo Aaye Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Madhureeta Anand.
PRODUCER:PVR Pictures and Ekaa Films Pvt. Ltd..
SINGERS:Shaan,Alka Yagnik,Anoushka Manchanda,Caralisa Mo,Shreya Ghoshal.
LYRICIST:Javed Akhtar.
STORY WRITER:Madhureeta Anand.

Mere Khawabon Mein Jo Aaye Review

`Mere Khwabon Mein...` falls flat despite Randeep`s 18 roles ( IANS Film Review )  

Rating: * 1/2
Half a star for this unintended comedy goes only for Randeep Hooda`s effort, ranging from the brave to the ludicrous, in playing different avatars of a bored housewife`s secret fantasies.

Debutante director Madhureeta Anand whips up what could have been a mildly diverting film about a dissatisfied wife who chooses a rather cute way out of boredom in marriage.

Unlike Satyajit Ray`s "Charulata" and Mallika Sherawat`s role in "Murder", the wife in "Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye" invents a phantom-lover, a somewhat cool, urbane, cynical and shamelessly multi-personality disordered Randeep Hooda, who exists only in Maya`s (Raima Sen) imagination.

Adultery in this way goes straight into the head.

We`ve had actors doing a number of roles. Sanjeev Kumar played nine characters in "Naya Din Nayi Raat" and Kamal Haasan played 10 in "Dasavatharam".

Randeep Hooda ups the ante. He slips into 18 roles with not quite the smooth suave transitions that one would expect to emerge from a multi-role bravura performance. Nonethless some of his avatars reveal a delicious sense of irony.

The film unfortunately reveals nothing but an acute scarcity of direction.

In the ebullient "Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd", Raima played a bored wife who one fine day, hitches her sari and goes hang gliding.

This one fails to take off. And for no fault of Raima.

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Mere Khawabon Mein Jo Aaye Synopsis

MKMJA is a film which celebrates life in all its aspects. The film’s main theme revolves around ‘the power of dreams’ and it explores the journey of the characters in achieving their dreams. The highs and lows of pursuing the dreams through fantasies form a very interesting tale. The movie encapsulates the journey of Raima and Arbaaz who play a couple and how they move to a big city to achieve their own personal dreams. The highlight of the film is Randeep, who himself is a ‘dream man’ and how he helps Raima achieve her dreams and thus be happy in life.

MKMJA with its strong aesthetic charm shown through the unique set designing is an absolute visual treat for the audiences and has Raima in one of her finest performances till date. Another highlight of the movie is Randeep Hooda playing 18 entertaining characters ranging from Dharmendra, Kamal Hasan, Amitabh Bachchan to Zorro, James Bond and Humphrey Bogart which is the highest any actor has played ever.

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