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Banna Bannada Loka

Banna Bannada Loka is a Kannada - movie directed by Ram Prasad. Starring Ramprasad,Harsha,Shravani,Meghana Gowda,Avinash,Rangayana Raghu,Rekha V. Kumar,Poorva and Vasanthkumar.

Banna Bannada Loka Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Ram Prasad.
PRODUCER:C. Krishnappa.
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Chandrashekhar.




Meghana Gowda


Rangayana Raghu

Rekha V. Kumar

Poorva and Vasanthkumar

Banna Bannada Loka Review

Ram Prasad`s `Banna Bannada Loka` a damp squib (IANS Movie Review) 

Rating: *

"Banna Bannada Loka" is not for the current scenario - it should have been released two decades ago considering its plot and the technical aspects. Even if would have relased earlier, it would have not clicked at the box office because of poor script and equally bad execution.

Ram Prasad`s inexperience is evident as the film is boring from the first to the last scene. It becomes evident in the first few sequences of the film that Prasad has not done any homework before starting the movie, which is full of meaningless dialogues, weak sequences, flawed and drab climax, poor performances and below average technical work.

The film falls flat in all the departments. Lot of things are added to the script like love, failure, infatuation and obsessive love, but nothing makes an impact because its not written effectively.

To add to the viewers woes, composer and cinematographer have also done a bad job.

The story revolves around two friends Prithwi and Prasad who wants to prove their mettle in the tinsel town. Prithwi wants to become an actor, while Prasad wants to prove his talent as a director.

Prasad`s girl friend Sneha and Prithwi`s mother support the two friends in their endeavour. A financier decides to back their next project which faces many bottlenecks. Finally, they succeed in convincing the people to watch their film.

Ram Prasad, who plays Prithwi, puts a poker face throughout the film. And it would be very difficult to watch him in closeups. He body is not in shape.

Harsha is much better in the role of Prasad, but what can he do when the script is so bad. The two heroines - Meghana Gowda and Shravani - do not make any impact. Even a good actress like Rekha Kumar fails to do justice to her role.

Watching "Banna Bannada Loka" is sheer torture.

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