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Bombaat is a Kannada - movie directed by D.Rajendra Babu. Starring Ganesh,Divya Spandana,Avinash,Mukesh Rishi,Rahul Roy,Gurudatt,Aadi Lokesh ,Vinaya Prakash.

Bombaat Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: D.Rajendra Babu.
PRODUCER:Rockline Venkatesh.


Mukesh Rishi

Rahul Roy


Aadi Lokesh

Vinaya Prakash

Bombaat Review

`Bombaat` fails despite top stars

Two top Kannada actors, Ganesh and Ramya, have been teamed up for the first time in "Bombaat" and one expects a big hit. But the much-awaited film falls flat despite the presence of these two popular stars as it is an illogical story narrated in an unconvincing fashion. "Bombaat" does not match up to the hype it created before its release.

Producer Rockline Venkatesh and director D. Rajendra Babu had promised that Ganesh, who has a romantic hero image so far, would be portrayed differently in "Bombaat". Ganesh has a mass oriented role in the film and it has given him an opportunity to show his action skills.

Ganesh has done justice to his role, but the film will be panned by audiences because of its many illogical sequences.

The main drawback of "Bombaat" is its weak screenplay. Writer Janardhana Maharshi has failed to provide a convincing storyline, making a complete hotch-potch of many elements. The story is ful of unbelievable twists and turns.

Director Babu should also be equally blamed as he has co-written the screenplay with Maharshi. The uninspiring dialogues by M.S. Ramesh only make matters worse.

The film`s heroine Shalini (Ramya) comes from abroad to find that a street rowdy called Anand (Ganesh) is on the rampage. But what she doesn`t know is that Anand is a good samaritan at heart.

At the same time, Shalini meets a sadist, the son of a mafia don, who wants to marry her at any cost. The heroine`s father is a police commissioner, who turns to Anand for help to take on the mafia and agrees to let Shalini stay with the rowdy for a month - sounds unbelievable but more follows.

Anand uses his guile and intelligence to defeat the mafia. Shalini, meanwhile, starts liking Anand after staying with him for 30 days and decides to marry him.

Ganesh has tried hard to relate to his new image, but a talented actress like Ramya has very few opportunities in the film to act. All the other veteran artists too have been wasted in "Bombaat".

Music director Mano Murthy impresses with two songs "Maathinalli Helalaarenu" and "Maathinalli Helutheeni" rendered by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal. The songs and fight sequences are well picturised and the camera work of Shekhar Chandru is also impressive.

Go for it only if you want to see Ganesh in his action avatar.

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