Saturday, January 20, 2018

How Do You Know

How Do You Know is a Hollywood - movie directed by James L. Brooks. Starring Reese Witherspoon,Paul Rudd,Jack Nicholson,Owen Wilson.

How Do You Know Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: James L. Brooks.

Paul Rudd

Jack Nicholson

Owen Wilson

How Do You Know Synopsis

Lisa Jorgenson (Reese Witherspoon) is a woman whose athletic ability is the defining passion and center of her life, but she has just found out that her playing career is over. George Madison (Paul Rudd) is a straight arrow whose life is an endless series of complications – he’s a mess. Lisa has a complicated relationship with her maybe-boyfriend, Matty (Owen Wilson), a pro athlete and ladies’ man; George’s relationship with his father, Charles (Jack Nicholson) is just as complex – the son has always been in the shadow of a man who would do anything to get ahead.

When George and Lisa meet for a first date… what if the best thing happened on the worst day of their lives?

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