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Crook: Its Good To Be Bad

Crook: Its Good To Be Bad is a Bollywood - movie directed by Mohit Suri,. Starring Emraan Hashmi,Neha Sharma,Arjan Bajwa,Dane Merrick,Mashhoor Amrohi,Kavin Dave,Shella Allen,Francis Chouler,Smiley Suri.

Crook: Its Good To Be Bad Cast / Crew
BANNER: Vishesh Films
SINGERS:Nikhil D Souza,Mohit Chauhan,Babbu Mann,Neeraj Shridhar,Dominique Cerejo,Suzanne D'Mello.

Dane Merrick

Mashhoor Amrohi

Kavin Dave

Shella Allen

Francis Chouler

Smiley Suri

Crook: Its Good To Be Bad Review

`Crook`, disappointing fare (Hindi Film Review)  

Rating: **

Damn! Why didn`t we think of sending the amazing super-hero Emran Hashmi to Australia before? Emran Saab`s solution to global malevolence as provided in this disappointing mismash of masala and headlines is simple enough.

It`s good to be bad. So says the smooth-sayer. Fair enough. If only the director had not decided to apply the motto to the treatment of this film.

At last our revenge on the Aussie attacks. This film is the ultimate comeuppance for the Australians… those so-and-sos who have been maltreating our hapless students who go to the firangi land to garner education and come back black and blue.

Blue is the colour that director Mohit Suri favours for his lurid leery look at gori babes in Melbourne. There`s a gori chick and a brown chick for the Chick-let hero to chose from. He sleeps with the former and falls in love with the latter. As simple as that. Indian women are to revered. Foreigners are to be… you know!

In trying to do a ferocious flag-waving trick over the complex issue of racism and colour prejudice, "Crook" ends up making the Australian population look like a bunch of psychotic killers bashing and burning the good desi boys who have gone Under to gain gyan. Is this Australia or Chicago during the Prohibition?

But wait. Suddenly the script decides to tilt the imbalance. Now the goras are not that evil. It seems Indians too create an obstinate culture block when they go abroad. They just don`t know how to blend.

Thoroughly confused in its politics, "Crook" is one of those films that attempts to combine conviction with entertainment and falls between the two stools in the absence of those tools that lend skilful curves and slants to the storytelling. The narrative is uneven lopsided and askew. The pace goes from sluggish to frantic within a few reels providing us with no space to observe the characters` motivations beyond a cursory glance.

Mohit Suri who revealed a substantial grip over his material and characters in "Kalyug" here seems undecided about where to take his plot. The people who populate the storytelling seem to start off on page 1 of the newspaper and then head towards the cartoon section.

Technical aspects, another strong aspect of Mahesh Bhatt`s films, are on this occasion just about okay.

The performances miss the intensity of Bhatts` "Gangster" and "Kalyug" by a wide margin. But Neha Sharma makes an expressive Hindi-cinema debut.

As for our super-hero … Move over, Rajnikanth. Emran Hashmi is more robotic in his expressions than you can ever be.

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Crook: Its Good To Be Bad Movie News

Have done well without any guidance, says Neha Sharma

Actress Neha Sharma admits the work she has done in Bollywood may not be "path-breaking", but says she has picked the best from what she got. In that sense, she feels she has done well in her career without having any guidance.Read More

Crook: Its Good To Be Bad Synopsis

`Crook` about racial attacks on Indians in Australia

 After making horror film Raaz - The Mystery Continues, director Mohit Suri returns with Crook: It`s Good To Be Bad. Releasing Friday, the film deals with the sensitive issue of racial attacks on Indians in Australia.

Produced by Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt under their banner Vishesh Films, the film stars Emraan Hashmi as Jai, a middle class Indian guy who goes to Australia in search of a better life. His character has grey shades and at times he uses unfair means to achieve his goals.

I play a character who is aggressive but at the same time he is endearing and funny. He believes in this weird motto that it`s good to be bad because he feels that good guys finish last, Emraan said of his character.

Known for introducing fresh faces in Bollywood, the producers -- for this film too -- have roped in new girl Neha Sharma who plays Suhani, a girl born and brought up in Australia. The film also stars Arjan Bajwa of Fashion fame and Gulshan Grover.

Crook revolves around Jai who has a knack for getting into trouble. His father was a gangster who wanted to reform. On assurance from his friend, a police inspector, Jai`s father agrees to rat on his evil bosses. Inspector Joseph (Gulshan Grover) fails to save his friend. After his friend`s death, Joseph adopts Jai and tries to make him a good man. But despite repeated attempts, he fails. Finally, Joseph arranges an alternate identity for him as Suraj Bhardwaj and sends him to Australia.

In Oz, Jai meets Suhani. He knows if he could make Suhani fall in love with him, he could eventually attain permanent residency by marrying her. But her brother Samarth (Arjan) is too much of an obstacle.

However, trouble starts when Jai witnesses the cold-blooded racial assault on Samarth. Going to the police would mean an investigation on Jai`s credentials. Jai finds himself at a crossroad.

Emraan, who has been given a tag of serial kisser, after he locked lips with his co-stars like Mallika Sherawat, Udita Goswami, Kangana Ranaut and Sonal Chauhan, will be seen kissing again on screen, but this time a foreign actress.

Mahesh Bhatt insists the film has all necessary elements - romance, comedy, action, thrills and, of course, an issue - to make it a film for the masses.

Music composer Pritam Chakraborty, who is a favourite of the Bhatt camp, brings forth another likeable soundtrack in the film. The foot-tapping, Punjabi number Challa sung by Babbu Mann and Suzanne D` Mello is already a rage among music lovers.

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