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Help is a Bollywood - movie directed by Rajiv Virani. Starring Bobby Deol,Mugdha Godse,Sophia Handa,Shreyas Talpade.

Help Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Rajiv Virani.
BANNER: Rupali Aum Entertainment Pvt.Ltd
PRODUCER:Sanjay Ahluwalia,Vinay Choksey.
LYRICIST:Irshad Kamil.
STORY WRITER:Deepak Pawar,Viddesh Malandkar.

Help Synopsis

HELP is a supernatural horror thriller which drwns upon the story of a malevolent spirit that refuse to leave the human world and is out to exact retribution for past crimes committed against it.

Pritonist Vic (Bobby Deol) is a successful horror film director in Bollywood and is married to Pia (Mugdha Godse). Pia and Vic are going through a difficult time in their marriage and in the midst of these troubled times they have to suddenly rush to Mauritius and going back to Pia`s old family home Pia is confronted by her distant past which she has not had to face since she left Mauritius as a young 5 year old.

Little do they know that there`s something in this house. Something ancient and dark that remains hidden and silent. It can only wait, having been concealed in the shadows of years, poised to strike again. When Pia finds out that she is pregnant this darkly vicious spirit possesses Pia and starts to brutally kill the people close to her. As the darkness spread, things start to get worse and the spirit tries to annihilate everything and everyone that comes in its way.

Now Vic must race against time to save his pregnant wife, who seems to be possessed by the spirit of her twin sister Dia who died when they were both 5years old. With the help of a renowned parapsychologists, Dr. Adity Motwani, Vic has only 36 hours to discover the dark and terrifying the truth behind Pia`s family history of murderous madness and break the curse that has been put on them by a third mysterious other. Will Vic`s love gather the strength to survive the paranormal with Aditya on his side or will they witness the most horrifying truth of their lives.

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