Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Always been a privilege listening to Obama: Prakash Jha

Jan 11
Prakash Jha

Filmmaker Prakash Jha, who has had a stint in Indian politics, says outgoing US President Barack Obama's goodbye speech was as inspiring as his speeches have always been.

'It'll be a while before we again are inspired by a POTUS speech! It has always been a privilege listening to Mr. Obama,' Jha tweeted.

Obama on Tuesday said goodbye to the US citizens in a dramatic reinterpretation of a presidential farewell address.

He asked them to reaffirm their faith in their own ability to 'bring about the change', ending with his signature: 'Yes we can.'

The 44th US President gave the farewell speech in Chicago, reflecting on his time in office. The country's first black president, now 55, was first elected in 2008 on a message of hope and change.

His successor, President-elect Donald Trump, has vowed to undo some of his signature policies. Trump would be sworn into office on January 20.

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